Quick Install Guide Networked Monitoring Units

This guide is used to quickly set up your networked remote monitoring device. Comprehensive details are given in the operating instructions.

Please read the operating instructions carefully before using your IP-based monitoring system. Please also follow the safety instructions.

Integrated Setup Assistant

 All IP-based remote monitoring units from manufacturer Didactum have an integrated setup wizard.

E-Mail Setup of your Monitoring Device

Please go to menu entry "System tree“. Then click on upper left  "+“ symbol. Select "E-Mail". Please enter the required data for your e-Mail server. If necessary, select TLS or STARTTLS for e-Mail encryption.

Configuration of Sensors

In the system tree of your monitoring device, you find all elements. You see for example the Onboard Temperature sensor. Please click on it once. For example, rename this sensor „temperature sensor main unit“.

Configuration of included IP-based Temperature Sensor

Each networked remote monitoring device from manufacturer Didactum is delivered including the proven IP-capable sensor temperature. Using Didactum`s autodetection feature, this temp sensor is listed in webGUI. Have a look in "System Tree“ and you will find this sensor in entry "Autodetect". Just click on the entry.

Setup of Notifications and Alerts

All notifications and alerts are set up in webGUI of your remote monitoring device under the menu entry "Logic Schemes".

Attention: If no alarm has been set up so far in your environmental monitoring system, please click on "+"  icon in the upper left corner.
A new window "Add new logic scheme“ appears.