In WebGUI of your SNMP enabled remote monitoring device you find the entry „Event log“. Here you see all events. In the upper left you find an icon „gear“. Click on it and you get a new tab. Here you can export the eventlog.

The backup of the configuration is simple. Login to the WebGUI of your Didactum monitoring system. Under the menu item "System Menu" you will find the tab "Export". Then just click on the "Download current settings“. The created backup file "settings.zor“ you can easily import to the other remote monitoring devices.

To do so in English WebGUI, just go to "System Menu" on the tab "Firmware“ and select on menu entry „upload source“ the configuration file „settings.zor". Then click "Load" on the button. Once you have clicked on "OK", the reboot is initiated with the desired configuration.
Important: Please note that on all monitoring appliances the same firmware release is installed.

Your Didactum IT alarm system supports the easy export of syslog.

In the web interface of your Didactum monitoring system, please go to "Preferences".

There you will find the menu option "syslog".

Here are 2 types of exports to choose from:

  • Export to a syslog server. Here you simply enter the IP address of your Syslog server (eg Kiwi Syslog Server or rsyslog).
  • FTP export the syslog. Here the Syslog your Didactum alarm server will be uploaded to any FTP server and can be edited from there.