Didactum monitoring systems 400 / 500 II (DC) / 600 / 700 are equipped with an SD card slot. Currently these monitoring systems support SD memory cards with a capacity of up to 32 GB. Please use branded cards with Speed Class 10.

Didactum network enabled remote monitoring systems 500/500DC/600/700 only support SDHC cards (Secure Digital High Capacity).

SD Memory Cards with no HC are not supported. The manufacturer recommends to use only SDHC Cards with Speed Class 10 or faster.

The not supported SD card must be instantly  removed from your networked monitoring device. Otherwise, the unsupported SD card leads to system disturbances of your Didactum remote monitoring unit.

Didactum`s engineers have successfully tested SDHC cards with 32GB capacity and Speed Class 10. Please use exclusively SDHC cards from known brand manufacturers.