Adding Logic Schemes

Logic schemes are used to specify automatic actions to events that occur in the system. Logic schemes represent a set of conditions "IF" and a set of actions that are executed "THEN". Conditions can be combined using "AND" and "OR". To carry out the actions it is possible to set required actions to repeat a timeout. If a timeout equals 0 the action will be executed once. The Logic scheme will only function if the combination of all conditions are true. Otherwise the logic scheme will be disabled.

To add a new action / a new logical schema in the menu item "Logic Schemes" first go to the "Main Menu" >> "Logic Schemes".

This feature will appear in the following menu items as shown in the illustration below:

Step 1:

Configure the Didactum temperature sensor. Set the warning level ("Warning Level") at 36 degrees Celsius. The Alert ("Alert Level") is set at 44 degrees Celsius. Then save the settings of the temperature sensor.

Step 2:

Create the e-mail and SMS alerts. The device is described in this manual under "notified by e-mail" and "SMS Alert".

Please remember to save the settings of the sensors and the "Logic Schemes" in the flash memory of your Didactum monitoring system. Simply press the disk icon!

Step 3:

Go to the "Logic Schemes" menu. Create the first "Logic Scheme". Here, the first fan unit is switched on when the temperature in the cabinet 36 ° C is reached (state "warning level"):