Adding Logic Schemes

In the menu entry "Logic Schemes" of your Ethernet enabled Didactum Monitoring System you can define automatic actions and alerts. The rules, actions and alarms are tied to IF and THEN conditions . These IF THEN conditions can be associated with AND and OR. Time limits and/or repetitions can also be set. Please note that the rules and actions defined in the "Logic Schemes" only work if the previously defined conditions are fulfilled. Otherwise the rule / automatic will not be executed! 


If identical actions are to be carried out for several elements / intelligent sensors, the "Group" function should be used.

Example Remote Power Monitoring & Alerting

In our example we use the AC voltage sensor to alert the administrators when AC voltage power in server room failed and when AC voltage power in ON again. We also create a logic if the blackout in server room is longer than the defined time limit.

So we now create three triggers:

  • AC Power ON – for normal AC power condition in server room
  • AC Power OFF – for a short time interruption of AC power supply in server room
  • Extended Blackout – a longer blackout in server room where the UPS Battery power supply is at risk

Create a trigger

First you have to create a trigger in “System tree” of your remote monitoring unit. Name this trigger “AC Power On” and click on “Apply”. Then create a second trigger and call it “AC Power Off” and a third trigger called “Extended Blackout”.

Configure your AC voltage sensor

In English webGUI please select the AC voltage sensor with “ID 203003”. Here, you can select your individual sensor thresholds. Please select for Low Alarm Level a voltage greater than zero, because even after a blackout, there is still some voltage in the power line. Name this AC voltage sensor “Didactum AC Voltage Sensor” and click on “Apply”.

Create logics and rules in case of AC power failure

In the menu “Logic Schemes” create a logic for AC power failure. If AC power is not existent, the AC Voltage Sensor will enter the “Low Alarm” state. In this case, select the “AC Power ON” trigger to off and the “AC Power OFF” trigger to on.

Create Extended Blackout trigger

The trigger Extended Blackout is turned on if there is no AC power supply for e.g. more than 25 minutes. Set the time according of the maximum backup time of your UPS. To set the according battery time, simple use the "Timeout" entry. If the AC power is restored before this time, this logic will NOT be activated. This situation is handled by the following logic scheme which we name “Extended Blackout - UPS maximum backup time”.

Create “normal AC power” logic

Now we create a rule, when the AC Voltage sensor is in good condition except “Low alarm level”. Name this rule “Normal AC Voltage Power” and click on “ok”. Do not forget to click on “Disc” Icon (upper right side) to save your settings in non-volatile memory of your Didactum remote monitoring & control unit.

Create SMS and E-Mail alerts in case of total power failure

To get alerts and notifications in case of critical power condition in your server room or data center, you can modify your rules and logics.