Sensor Configuration

This below shows how you can configure the sensors that are connected to the Didactum monitoring system.

To configure each sensor first go to the "Main menu" ? “System Tree“ or “Group Tree“ and click on the sensor element in that tree. Then a window with the sensor properties will pop up.

Now you can change the needed settings and then click "Save" or "Apply" at the bottom of the "Properties" window as shown in the illustration below.

Sensor configuration
In the web GUI of the Didactum appliance, under the "Group Tree" you can configure each sensor individually.

All sensors include:

 The sensor name is assigned automatically and can be changed 
 Individual sensors can be summarized under "Group Tree" 
 identification name of the corresponding sensor 
 Here the sensor type is displayed as temperature 
 Display the Sensor class analog, CAN, Switch, Discrete 

After you have made the required settings, click on "Save".

Then click the top right of the disk icon to save the settings permanently into the flash memory.