Configuration 1-Wire Reader

Below covers the access control feature on your Didactum appliance. First make sure you have the i-Button reader connected. If not, follow the instructions from the document "connecting 1-Wire reader".

Adding a key:

Loading SQLite files

You can also upload an SQLite file with the corresponding keys in your Didactum monitoring system. To do this, click the "Upload" button.

Here, the following window appears:

Manually adding an electronic key

You can also manually add an electronic key to Didactum Monitoring System. Many keys of these codes are often printed.

So beware: If on the Key the number is 00-00-00-DC-29-C4 the code must be entered conversely often. In this case C4-29 DC 00-00-00. This should not be located on the Key of the code, so you touch the key to the reading unit connected to the Didactum monitoring system.

There for, click "Main Menu" on the "Event Log" menu. You should see an error message "Access Error". In the corresponding entry this can be found then the desired key. The you can enter them manually and then click on "Save"!

Key management

You can in the "Access control" menu manage the key database.

Here you can edit the individual key and delete it. To do this, click on the respective user.

If desired, the existing key database will be exported. This exported key database can then be used for a second Didactum monitoring system or for backup purposes.

Just click "Preferences" >> "Access control" >> "Download user database".

Send "Upload user database" the database can also be imported. If desired, the entire key database can also be exported in a SQLite format.