These parameters can be set via SNMP in any SNMP browser. These are standard fields that are generally available for OIDs.

Available are (read and write): (. (. (.

The reference OIDs for the field values remain the same for all Didactum sensors of the same class. A specific sensor is referenced by its ID at the end of the OID.

Please see this example for analog sensors

. - here is the sensor class “analog“
. - here is the sensor type “temperature“
. - name "onboard temperature"
. - state "normal"
. - current value “35.41“


Please open the Didactum MIB file in a MIB-browser and you will see it. The sensor ID for those sensors that the user connects or creates may not be sequential (e.g. if a sensor has been removed).

The Didactum MIB file can be found in the English web interface under “Preferences”  => SNMP => Download MIB file. Just click on didactum.mib and it will be automatically downloaded from the SNMP monitoring system.