Monitoring with WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold is a commercial network monitoring software, which enjoys great popularity worldwide. IT managers and admins get a proactive solution for early detection of network problems with WhatsUp Gold. If problems or changes to firewalls, routers or switches occur, the responsible network administrators are informed immediately. For example, WhatsUp Gold's integrated configuration and change management allows for convenient configuration recovery of network devices. At the same time, WhatsUp Gold provides users with important functions such as application monitoring and comprehensive reporting features.

WhatsUp Gold supports the monitoring of SNMP v1- v2c- and v3-enabled Environmental Monitoring Systems from the manufacturer Didactum. WhatsUp Gold can measure and monitor the temperature and/or humidity in the IT rack, server room, or data center. If the UPS or air conditioning system connected to the Didactum monitoring hardware via a dry contact signals a fault, this is also (remotely) transmitted to WhatsUp Gold. A larger number of dry contacts can be monitored with the "SNMP Walker" function integrated in WhatsUp Gold. In the server room or data center, sudden changes in status, risks and threats, are reported by the Didactum monitoring hardware to WhatsUp Gold in the form of SNMP traps. This ensures that a potential threat, such as heat, smoke, fire or leakage, does not endanger the operational safety of the mission critical (IT) infrastructure.

In the following WhatsUp Gold screenshots you see the environmental monitoring solutions from manufacturer Didactum: