Network Settings

The following covers the network settings of your Didactum monitoring system.

To configure the network settings go to:

“Main Menu“ >> “Preferences“ >> “Network“.

Change the network settings to the required values and click "Save".

Determination of IP-address

To determine the IP-address of the device insert a USB-flash into the device as shown in the diagram above. The device will automatically create a "dumplog_date_time.txt" file with the current settings (including IP-address) in the root directory of the USB-flash. After the LED on the USB-flash stops blinking, remove the drive from the device.

Now connect the USB-flash to your PC. Then open the "dumplog_date_time.txt" file using a text editor.

Setting up time

To configure the NTP for time synchronization, open

“Main Menu“ >> “Time“

The "NTP server for time synchronization" will be displayed. For example;

Time synchronization

To configure the time synchronization of your Didactum remote monitoring appliance, just open in WebGUI „Main Menu“ => „Preferences“ => „Time“.

Here you can enter an NTP Server for time synchronization. In this example we have specified „“.

In addition you can set time zone of your Didactum monitoring device and the synchronization period. All list of available NTP server can be found here.

After you saved your specific settings, your Didactum monitoring device will reboot.