Replace Battery
After you turn off the power to your Didactum monitoring system, please open the housing. The battery is located on the mainboard which you then exchange. After replacement please close the housing and turn the power back on. You must then synchronize only the system time of your Didactum monitoring system.

The Didactum appliances rely on the monitoring systems 1.5V SR44 battery. This battery is used for storing the time and date. In rare cases this battery needs to be changed once. Be sure to dispose of the old battery properly! 

This battery change is only possible when the power is off! 

If you have the SR44 battery, as well as the installation of the LR44 battery is possible. Note that the LR44 has a shorter period of time. It is recommended to only use name brand batteries!

Replace the fuse:

Replace the fuse:
The illustration above shows how to carefully open the fuse holder. Caution: Danger of breakage with improper force!
Replace the fuse:
The illustration above shows the removal of the fuse holder including the backup fuse. Warning: There may be two different types of security postures.

The Didactum appliance main fuse should only be replaced by a qualified technician. The power cable must be disconnected before it is replaced. The fuse may only be replaced by a fuse of the same type with the same current rating.

An override of the defective fuse is not permitted.

The Didactum monitoring systems 500/600 and the Didactum 8 Port IP Power switches are equipped at the input power cable (C14) with a fuse. The particular specification can be found in the technical data.