Data Logger Expansion with USB Memory Stick

An export of the log files via FTP upload is supported by all network-enabled remote monitoring and alert systems of the manufacturer Didactum.To set up the export of the log files via FTP server, please go to the English-language web interface to the menu => "Preferences" => "Logging" => "FTP Log".Enter the required parameters for the FTP server export and then press "Save".

The following parameters must be specified in the "FTP Log" menu of your remote monitoring and alert system:

Enable Logging to FTP:Enable / disable FTP export of log files of your remote monitor
Save Video Files:Export video recordings via FTP
Enable Detailed Logging:   Detailed logging of sensors
Send Period:Interval of FTP Upload 2/3/6/12/24 hours

FTP server for log files in the format [IP or address]:

[Port] / [path] / [To] / [directory]
In the local network must be the addresses of the subdirectory the FTP server and the monitoring system must be identical!

Port: Port of the FTP server (leave bland for automatic detection)
Login:Login for the FTP server
Password: Password of the FTP server
Lifetime: Deletion the exported data (daily / weekly / monthly / semi-annually or never)