Overview web interface Didactum Monitoring System

Every networked remote monitoring and control system and every PDU of the Didactum® brand is equipped with a multilingual web interface. As part of the Didactum Lifetime Support, you receive free firmware updates and kernel updates for the hardened Linux OS. Simply enter the IP address of the networked monitoring system in the browser of your PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone. The innovative Didactum web interface provide you with the tools you need to monitor and control your business-critical infrastructure. You and your colleagues receive important dashboards in real time, including live updates and current status information.

Sections of responsive Didactum® web interface (as of May 2020):

The webGUI of the the IP networked IT monitoring systems and PDUs is divided into important sections:

  • Overall Stats (General Statistics)
  • System tree
  • Dry contact inputs and outputs
  • SMS messages and dialing function (via optional GSM or LTE modem or Web-to-SMS service)
  • Event log
  • Logical schemes (for the creation of rules such as notifications, alerts and automatic actions)
  • Cameras (USB video surveillance camera and / or IP cameras)
  • Map (site plan with Live Sensor Mapping feature)
  • Users (user administration)
  • Access Control
  • CAN configuration ( for digital multi-sensors and / or CAN extension units)
  • Graphs (visualization of the measurement data of single or multiple sensors)
  • Preferences (main system settings)
  • System menu

and more....

Notes from the technical editor: Due to the different model versions and various equipment options of the network-enabled remote monitoring systems from the manufacturer Didactum, not every function may be available in the WebGUI. For example, the Didactum Monitoring System 50 is not equipped with CAN bus. The screenshots show the SNMP capable Didactum Monitoring System 100 with the firmware from May 2020.
Google Chrome version 81.0.4044.138 (official build) (64-bit) was used as web browser.

Live Demo

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. The manufacturer Didactum® provides here a live demo of one of its many remote monitoring systems. Convince yourself of the intuitive web interface.