Overview of Didactum's Power Distribution Units (PDU)

Here you see the Power Distribution Units (PDU) of the manufacturer Didactum. These IP-based power strips work stand-alone. Additional hardware or software is not required for operation. The configuration of these 19-inch PDUs is easily done via the multilingual web interface. Simply connect to the C13 outlet connectors electrical consumers such as server, storage or network equipment.

Simply access the PDU with the web browser of your PC, notebook, smartphone or tablet and remotely control the power supply of important systems. Each Didactum PDU supports the SNMP protocols v1, v2c and the encrypted v3, so the integration in SNMP tools, DCIM software or network management systems (NMS) is supported.

The required SNMP MIB files and plugins for Nagios / Nagios forks are available for free.

In addition, each PDU provides sensor ports for Didactum's intelligent IP-based sensors. Measure and monitor important physical parameters as the temperature or the humidity in your 19 inch server rack. The scalable architecture of the Didactum PDUs supports the connection of CAN sensor boxes (Controller Area Network), so that additional rooms or cabinets can be monitored with sensors. The sensor data measured in real time are stored in the data logger of the PDU. The built-in measurement data visualization shows, for example, the temperature profile in the computer room. The measurement data can be easily exported in CSV or XML file format. Ideal for checklists and reports.

Notification and alerting functions

If risks and hazards occur in your mission-critical infrastructure, you will be notified and alerted at an early stage in the form of SNMP traps, e-mail or SMS (* via GSM or LTE modem or Web-to-SMS server). If desired, alarm sirens with flash function can also be connected to your web enabled PDU.

The integrated logics in the PDU allows the mapping of a variety of automatic actions and rules, such as the automatic shutdown of the power supply during heat in the server cabinet or leakage of battery acid from the UPS system.

Remote video security monitoring

Simply connect the day / night video camera to the USB port on your PDU and view live images. If you wish, your Didactum PDU can also provide you with video evidence via e-mail or SMS (via GSM or LTE modem).