Installation of an SSL certificate on your IP based remote monitoring system

If you work with the Didactum Monitoring System via HTTPS, a self-signed certificate is generated. A user-generated, self signed SSL certificate is also supported.

Editor's note:

Please note that the speed of the webGUI can be reduced due to the used key length.

Installation of self-signed SSL certificate on your monitoring device

To install your own, self-signed SSL certificate on Didactum’s SNMP-enabled environmental monitoring system, you must first copy the certificate file (s) to an empty USB stick. Rename both files to custom.pem and custom.key. Then plug the USB memory stick into your main monitoring unit, which then will access the drive after a few seconds.

After the self-signed SSL certificates have been automatically loaded by the environmental monitor (duration approx. 20 seconds), simply remove the USB stick. Then please open the multilingual web interface of your IT monitoring system via HTTPS.

Important note from the editors:

Please note that under Preferences => Network the menu item Enable HTTPS must be activated! 

Installing SSL Certificates on Discontinued Remote Environmental Monitoring Devices

On the discontinued IT monitoring systems of the 1st generation (Monitoring System 100/500/500-DC) with the firmware release 2.5xbxxx you install self-signed SSL certificates as follows:

By using a text editor, please merge the two files cert.key and cert.crt as follows:

First copy the content of cert.key, then copy the content of cert.crt into the text editor. The content created with the text editor is then saved under the filename custom.pem Then copy this cutom.pem file to an empty USB stick and insert it into the USB port of your Monitoring System 100/500/500-DC (1st generation).

The self-signed SSL certificate is then automatically loaded and installed by the SNMP-enabled sensor controller unit. After completion (about 20 seconds) remove the USB stick and open the web interface of the monitoring device via HTTPS.

Editor's Note:

Please check that in webGUI under Preferences => Network the menu item Enable SSL is activated!