Please understand that we cannot provide support for third-party products. Please contact the manufacturer or the seller of your video surveillance camera.

Any current surveillance system can save the videos recorded by the connected surveillance camera to SD card or USB stick (model-dependent equipment). If desired, the videos can also be automatically stored on an FTP server. Also, the video recording can be sent by e-mail (max. 10 different e-mail addresses). The premium monitoring systems of the 600 and 700 model series can even save the videos on the internal SSD or HDD data carrier (optional equipment variant).

As of 07/2020, each Didactum Monitoring System of the current series 50/100(DC)/200/300/400/500(DC)/600(DC)/700(DC) can send the video evidence to up to 10 different email recipients.

Yes, you can also trigger the recording of a video clip via SNMP SET request. To do this, write the string value "1" in the OID-"." (without quotes in each case).

As of February 2020, the remote monitoring & control devices support automatic video transmission only in combination with the intelligent sensors. Here you can use a PIR motion detector, a magnetic door contact, a glass breakage or vibration detector. Automatic sending of evidence videos, triggered by image changes (so-called image motion detection) is currently not supported due to possible false alarms (dust particles from the air conditioning system / light reflections etc.).

Please go to the menu point "Camera" in the web interface of your Environmental Monitoring System 100 III. Here you find the entry „USB Cam“. Here, please reduce the frames by second (FPS) to "5". Please also change the resolution of the USB video camera from "640x480" to "320x240". After that, the e-Mail transfer of videos from the server room should work properly.

The Didactum monitoring systems 500/500 DC / 600 can forward pictures attached USB video cameras by e-mail to the appropriate recipient.

This requires the server room, a motion detector installed, reports the access to the server room.

Here you can specify the desired action (s) for the sensor movement then in the integrated logic of your Didactum IT monitoring device then.

In your case select for the sensor motion alarm type as "Video".

Once in the server room movement or presence is detected, the Didactum alarm system automatically sends a video image of the event via e-mail.

To test the video stream of your web-enabled Didactum IT monitoring & control unit, please enter in your web browser as follows:

http:// your monitoring_unit_ip_address/webcam/?action=stream

If you only want to take a snapshot of the connected video camera, simply enter in the address field of your Chrome / Mozilla web browser:

http:// your monitoring_unit_ip_address/webcam/?action=snapshot

The delay of the PIR motion sensor until the first image of the USB camera can be about 2 seconds. If the CPU of the IT infrastructure monitoring system is busy with other tasks (real-time temperature- / humidity measurement / SNMP traps / PING commands / sensor polling  by network monitoring software / e-mail notifications / SMS dispatch, etc.), the latency may increase accordingly. A solution would be to install the magnetic door contact sensor (item No. E-14032) to one of the 4 dry contact inputs and to create a corresponding rule in the IT infrastructure monitoring system. Here the effect of the processing delay of the Passive Infrared Motion Detector would be eliminated. How high the latency will actually be depends on the respective device / sensor configuration and the tasks and alarm rules stored in your IT-infrastructure monitoring system.