Create schedule function for the PIR motion detector in the server room

In this example we show you how to set up a schedule function in your smart IT monitoring system. The passive infrared sensor installed in the server room must report on weekdays (Mon-Fri) any kind of presence and movement in the time from 19:00 clock in the evening to 6:00 clock in the morning. On weekends, the PIR motion detector must be armed 24 hours a day and report any kind of movement in the EDP/server room to the responsible IT administrator via SMS notification. 

The following infrastructure security products have been installed in the EDP / server room:

Creation of a timer in schedule mode

First we go to the “system tree” of the smart IT monitoring system and click on the "+" symbol in the upper right corner. In the window "Add a new element" we select the "Timer" function. With our mouse we mark the desired times.

Set up of the SMS notification

Now we create an SMS alert in the system tree when the PIR motion detector is triggered. To do this, click on the "+" symbol in the “system tree” again and then click on SMS. We enter the desired mobile phone number and define the desired content of the SMS alarm under "Message Text".

Set alarm rule for the PIR motion detector

Then we create a new alarm rule under "Logic Scheme". We name this rule "Motion Detector Alert Server Room" and save it. Please also click on the diskette symbol (top right) to save the rule permanently in the smart IT monitoring system!