Time Synchronization

Each LAN-based remote monitoring and control unit of the brand Didactum is equipped with an integrated hardware clock. In order to always get a very precise time, a regular synchronization with an external NTP time server should be carried out. The time settings can be found in the English web interface of the remote monitor under "Preferences" => "Time".

The following menu items are displayed in the WebGUI:

  • "Now": By clicking on the "Now" button, the current date and time of the device is determined.
  • "Device time zone": Please select the time zone valid for your region. For Germany we select the time zone "UTC+1:00 Germany, France, Italy, Norway".
  • "Daylight saving time": Here you can manually enter the validity of daylight saving time if desired.
  • "Presets by countries": Select e.g. "Germany" to have the beginning and end of daylight saving time entered automatically.
  • "Automatically synchronize time": Here you can define the interval of the automatic time synchronization (once an hour / once a day / once a week / once a month).
  • "Primary NTP server for time synchronization": Enter the desired NTP (Network Time Protcol) server here.  For example, select the public NTP server of Google "time.google.com”
  • "Secondary NTP server for time synchronization": Here you can enter another NTP server for time synchronization. We select "1.europe.pool.ntp.org".

Notes: The time zone set in the remote monitoring unit must match the time zone of your operating system / network. By clicking on the "floppy disk icon" the selected time settings of your remote monitor are permanently saved.