The error message of the LTE modem can have the following causes:

  • The SIM card inserted in the LTE modem is defective or invalid.
  • The SIM-OIN was entered incorrectly in the web interface of the IP based monitoring device.
  • The LTE antenna included in the scope of delivery was not connected to the LTE modem.
  • The reception quality of the LTE signal in the server room / data center is insufficient. Connect a second LTE antenna to the IT monitoring system (option subject to extra charge).

Yes, with the support of the internal LTE modem you can connect to Internet services (VPN, SMTP, FTP, etc.) and access the Didactum monitoring system remotely.

Your monitoring system 100 IV was delivered with the internal GSM modem. The LTE options in the "LTE" tab are therefore not available.

So that the measuring and remote monitoring systems equipped with a LTE modem support a transmission of the GPS position only if a suitable GPS antenna has been connected additionally. The GPS settings can be found in the German web interface under "System settings" => "GPS". To activate the GPS function, you have to set the corresponding checkmark.

Make sure that there is sufficient signal quality of the LTE network in your system. If the reception quality is too poor, a special LTE antenna may be able to remedy the situation. You can find suitable LTE antennas in our online store for infrastructure monitoring technology. Please also check whether your SIM card is activated for LTE use. If you have a 3G SIM card, it often has to be exchanged for a 4G/LTE SIM card.

In our last update “2.8.3.b242” (May 2021) it is possible to use a static IP address to access the internal 4G LTE modem of the remote monitoring & control device. This means that you can avoid using a VPN server.

If the LTE mode of your remote monitor has been deactivated in the web frontend (uncheck the "Activate LTE modem" checkbox and click "Save"), no mobile network connection will be established via the 4G LTE modem. The modem is then used exclusively for sending warnings and alarm messages via SMS text message and telephone dialing.

The use of an external 4G LTE modem carries the risk that it can be accidentally or intentionally disconnected from the main monitoring & control unit. For example, when working on the server cabinet, a USB modem can easily be disconnected from the main unit, making SMS alerts or phone dialing impossible. Therefore Didactum® offers for the Monitoring Systems 100 / 200 / 300 / 400 / 500 / 600 / 700 and the PDUs 700 / 750 only internal GSM- or 4G LTE-modems.