Adding IP Camera

The web-based Didactum measuring and monitoring unit can display video images of up to 4 different IP cameras in it`s web interface. Please regard, that your remote monitor supports only IP cameras with JPEG / MJEPG support. 

To configure a IP video camera, first go to "System Tree". Then and click the "+" icon on the upper left side. Here a new window called “Add a new element” is opened. Please select the entry “IP Cam”. 

The „IP camera“ settings offer you following options:

IP Camera settings



Name of the IP camera in your remote environmental monitoring unit.

URL (IP-address)

The URL (IP address) of the video camera including the protocol type (https or http ). 

A common URL format of IP cams is e.g. "". The URL of the video stream of your IP cam depends on the manufacturer. Please regard the manual of your IP camera for details.

User name & password

Video stream authentication of your IP camera. Optional parameters.

Do not use the name and password as a prefix in the URL field.


Here you select the frames per seconds frequency of your IP camera. Please regard the manual of the IP camera manufacturer.


Editor`s note: 

If the video stream is not shown, please make sure that the settings of your IP camera are correct. Test your IP camera with a separate browser. To view the video streams of your IP cameras in the remote monitoring unit, just go the menu entry “Cameras”.