User access and permissions

To improve security a new user account is needed with the highest access rights (all rights for view/write) and to reduce the access rights of the "guest" account or completely remove it from the user accounts. 

To manage the user accounts go to "Main menu" >> „Users“ To create a new user account press the "add" button: „+“.

To edit an existing user account first select it from the list of accounts then a window with options will pop up. Select the user rights in the window that appears and then click "Save".

To delete an existing user account, select it from the list of accounts then click "Delete". 


To prevent a user's access to the User Database, it is important to disable the read and write user rights!

Definition of user permissions

User access:

Full AccessAllowed access to read in all services
LogicView logic schemes
System LogView system log
User DatabaseView user account permissions
Sensor DataView sensor data
GroupPermits reading the group management


AllAllowed access to write in all services
E-Mail, SMS, SNMPCreate and edit notifications
TimersCreate and edit timers
PingsCreate and edit pings
IP camerasCreate and edit IP cameras
Saving SettingsManage interface settings
Load SettingsAllows loading of configurations
Time SynchronizationSet and synchronize system time
RebootSystem reboot
Logic SchemesCreate and edit logic schemes
System LogClear log
User DatabaseManage user access permissions
Network ManagementChange network settings
GroupsManage groups