Legacy Monitoring Units from manufacturer Didactum

Here you find some the legacy remote monitoring devices from manufacturer Didactum. Please note that these discontinued models are no longer available. You find the respective successor model here. All IP-based remote monitoring units can be bought in the English language version of our popular online store.

Legacy monitoring unit Didactum 100 II
Fig: Here you see the discontinued 100 II remote monitor. The official successor is the IP-based 100 III monitoring system.
Legacy 500 remote monitoring base unit.
Fig: Here you see the discontinued 500 networked monitoring appliance. The official successor is the SNMP enabled 500 II remote monitoring system.
Discontinued 500 remote monitor
Fig.: This is the 1st generation of 48VDC powered 500 monitoring device. It`s official successor is the innovative 500 II DC remote monitoring system.