Setting up LTE Modem

If required the following remote measurement & monitoring systems from Didactum can be equipped with an internal LTE modem:

  • Monitoring System 100 (DC)
  • Monitoring System 400
  • Monitoring System 500 (DC)
  • Monitoring System 600 (DC)
  • Monitoring System 600 (DC)

Use the high-performance LTE network and internet services such as VPN, SMTP or FTP with this proven LTE modem.


LTE settings



Enable LTE modem 

Activation / deactivation of the built-in LTE modem



Access point name of your Mobile Phone Provider



PIN Code (if necessary)


User Name

Username for provider authentication (if necessary)



User password for provider authentication (if necessary)


Enable routing for internal network

Allow devices in internal network to use this connection for internet access (600 & 700 monitoring units only);


Enable Watchdog

Using the watchdog ping to verify the connection status


Watchdog period

Frequency of watchdog ping in seconds


Watchdog timeout

If there is no ping during this time (in seconds), the connection is considered interrupted


IP Address or hostname of ping destination

IP address for checking the LTE connection

LTE failover

By default, the LTE modem is used in failover mode, i.e. the LTE connection is established automatically if there is no response from the DNS servers specified in the "Network" settings (ICMP ping via the Ethernet interface). The LTE connection in failover mode is terminated after the access to one of the DNS servers has been restored via the Ethernet interface of the IP-based remote measurement and monitoring unit. For a normal failover, the DNS must therefore be outside the local network.

Permanent LTE connection

If permanent access to the Internet is required, please use the built-in OpenVPN client of your IP-based remote monitor. The connection to the VPN server is maintained when the connection is established via Ethernet or LTE (if the connection to the Internet via the Ethernet interface should be interrupted). This ensures permanent access to the protected private network and the permanent IP address of the device (with the appropriate VPN server settings).

Restore the LTE connection

With the built-in Watchdog Ping function of the Didactum remote monitor, the LTE connection can be automatically restored. The timeout should be at least three times longer than the ping period. If no successful ping is forwarded to the specified address during the timeout, the connection is considered interrupted. The remote monitor will then automatically establish a new LTE connection via the built-in modem.