When accessed via HTTPS, the Didactum monitoring system generates a self-signed certificate. Here you can use a self-created or a purchased SSL certificate for your Didactum monitoring system. If you already have an SSL certificate, please copy this file to an empty USB pen.

Then rename the certificate to "custom.pem" (without quotes). Insert the USB pen into the USB port of your Didactum Monitoring System 100/400/500/500-DC/600. After about 90 seconds you can remove the USB pen. After that, you can access the web interface of the Didactum Monitoring System via HTTPS.


If you do not have your own SSL certificate, you can create your own certificate via OpenSSL.  Self-issued SSL certificates are created via openssl as follows:

openssl req -x509 -nodes -days 365 -newkey cert.key -out cert.crt

Then copy the contents of the "cert.key" and "cert.crt" into a custom.pem file you created yourself. After you have created the "custom.pem" file, please proceed as described above.

SSL encrypted sending of email alarms is supported by Didactum alarm servers. All Didactum brand IT monitoring devices support SSL, TLS and STARTTLS encryption protocols.