Didactum's monitoring systems are regularly tested for functionality with MS Exchange.

Please check:

  • the account settings in the monitoring system
  • the password used ("write error")
  • whether Exchange blocks the device ("ActiveSync device access rules")

If the fields "Login" and "Password" under "E-Mail" are filled in automatically, please delete the password of your Didactum IT monitoring system stored in the web browser.

The passwords stored in the browser can be deleted.
Please delete the passwords stored for the Didactum IT monitoring system in your browser. The reason for this is that otherwise the browser automatically fills in the "Login" and "Password" fields in the "E-mail" menu field. 

Under Mozilla Firefox you can find the saved passwords under "Settings" => "Security". 

Please delete there the passwords saved for your Didactum hazard reporting system. After that, log in to your Didactum IT monitoring device via browser (without previously saving the password) and recreate the e-mail dispatch. Here should now in the menu item "Email" the fields "Login" and "Password" remain empty.

If the fields "Login" and "Password" are filled in automatically under "E-mail", please delete the password stored in the web browser of your Didactum IT monitoring system.

The passwords stored in the browser can be deleted.

Simply click on the "+" symbol at the top left of the web interface. A "logical scheme" will then appear where you can store the desired alarms and actions. You can find a quick guide here.

For the purpose of testing, our technical support needs 2 diagnostic files.
Please proceed as follows: 

  1. Please create a file named "Didactum_debug.conf" (without quotes) on an empty USB stick.
  2. Edit the file named Didactum_debug.conf and enter CURL_MAIL=1. Save the changes.
  3. Connect the USB stick to the original USB adapter cable that came with your monitoring device. Plug the USB cable into the USB port.

Check in the web interface of the IT monitoring device under System settings => Logging whether the USB stick has been activated. If not, please enable "Activation of logging on USB stick".

Send an e-mail alert again (not a test e-mail). The IT monitoring device will now create two files on the USB stick:

curl_mail.txt - text file with the message text
curl_trace.log - log file of the e-mail server

These two files are needed by our support support(@)didactum-security.com for testing.