Here is the most demanded structure of the SNMP OID of the Single Sport Didactum Water Sensor (ID 107001):

. = Sensor ID
. = Name
. = State
. = Value

Didactum's software developers recommend the use of a MIB tool such as the MIB Browser from iReasoning.

Download the Didactum-MIB file in the web interface of your SNMP enabled remote measurement and control system under "Preferences" => "SNMP" => "Download MIB file" and open it with your MIB browser. You will see the SNMP OID's of the intelligent Didactum sensors.

Download MIB Browser​​​​​​​

Check_MK provides plugins for Didactum`s remote environmental and security monitoring devices. You can download these plugins here.

Update: Download the latest OpenNMS Meridian 2015+ or OpenNMS Horizon 14+ configuration module for Didactum`s networked remote monitoring devices and IP sensors here.

OpenNMS has published an article how you can easily integrate your 500 remote monitor and the corresponding intelligent sensors.

The time required for the integration of Didactum measuring and monitoring systems SNMP MIB file you can download directly from the multilingual web interface of the appliance.

To do this, go to the Web GUI menu item

  • "Preferences" and go to
  • "Network"

and then click on "Download MIB file".

The Didactum monitoring systems are stand-alone monitoring systems. To run this TCP / IP-based measurement and monitoring technology, no software installation on notebook, PC or server is required.

However, since this alarm system are SNMP compatible, a connection in SNMP tools and leading network management software (NMS) is possible. Necessary for the integration of Didactum monitoring hardware and Didactum sensors in management environments SNMP MIB files are included.

Customers Didactum set the monitoring hardware under the following solutions (excerpt):

CA Spectrum
GroundWork Monitor 7
HP Network Node Manager Work
IBM Tivoli Network Manager
IPHost Network Manager
Kaseya Network Monitor
Pandora FMS
Verax NMS
WhatsUp Gold

You can download the MIB file with the required SNMP information for the networked monitoring units and IP sensors directly in the web interface. In the English web interface under Preferences please go to the SNMP tab. At the bottom you find the entry Download MIB file.  Just click on the entry.

Alternatively, you can download Didactum's MIB here as well.

Then import Didactum MIB file with a so-called MIB browser. A free MIB browser can be found here.

After importing the MIB with the MIB Browser, please copy the corresponding OID's into your Network-Management-System (NMS).

Further information about the SNMP OID`s of the sensors can be found here.

Yes. The SNMP-compatible Didactum monitoring systems are an integral part of the intuitive Observium network monitoring software. The Didactum MIB integrated in Observium can be found here.

Please check if the "didactum-mib" has been successfully imported into PRTG and the remote access via SNMPv2 protocol is working. This should, as with our many other PRTG users, work without any problems. Then, in the web interface of your Didactum remote monitoring device, switch the protocol to SNMPv3.

Make sure that the credentials are entered correctly. Also check under PRTG the supported variants (security level private; SHA/MD5 as well as AES/DES).

Then save the SNMPv3 configuration entered in the Didactum remote monitor (click on the disk icon in the upper right corner). After rebooting the Didactum remote monitor, the access via SNMPv3 protocol under PRTG will work without any problems.