Firmware Update

Visit our website to always get the latest firmware updates and tools. Always read the enclosed readme.txt.

Always create a backup your configuration and save the stored measurement data.

Please note that an improperly run firmware update can cause the total loss of your data / configuration as a result. An improperly managed firmware update is not covered by the warranty.

In this case, the Didactum monitoring system can be sent in and charges for the repair are possible by Didactum service!

All Didactum monitoring systems (not included) are to be restored and updated via HTTP, FTP or by connecting a USB Sticks.

The recovery is done with a special recovery tool.

Updating your Didactum monitoring system is indicated on the front of Didactum monitoring system by the glowing "ERROR" LED. On a successful update your Didactum monitoring appliances the "ERROR" LED and the "ACT" LED goes out and begins with increased frequency of blinking.

If the update was not successful, the "ERROR" LED on the device will remain permanently.

Under the "System menu" you will find the settings for uploading the new Didactum firmware updates.

After downloading the firmware, change the Web GUI "System Menu" >> "firmware" >> "upload source" >> "From local file system" >> "Choose File".

Here you select the downloaded firmware and click "OK" and you will receive the message "firmware upload". The firmware update is indicated on the "ERROR" LED on the front of your Didactum monitoring system.

Firmware updates via FTP:

Firmware update via USB stick:

To install the firmware via USB, you will need the firmware - download it at http: //

Then save the file into your USB stick root directory. Then plug the USB stick into the USB port below the Ethernet port. The Didactum appliance then starts the firmware update process.

The progress is indicated by the LEDs on the front panel. The Didactum appliance reboots automatically after a successful firmware update.