Support for the first generation of IT monitoring and network monitoring devices from the years 2012-2016 has expired. The final firmware called "Didactum FW 2.6.3b588" was released on September 30, 2016. Didactum offers trade-in of qualified monitoring devices. The Trade In also applies to products of other manufacturers. Simply contact our competent sales team.

The firmware installed on your main sensor units is from 2017, this release is too old to perform a direct update via web interface. Please follow the instructions and install the latest firmware with the CPU-Tool under Windows OS. Afterwards the server room monitoring units will work again as desired.

Ask our support staff for the final firmware for your data logger "Didactum FW 2.7.3b805" from 01/04/2019. If you want to give your old data logger in payment, please ask the sales staff for the Didactum Trade In program. This program also applies to products from other manufacturers.

Please switch on the power supply for the firmware update. Otherwise the CPU-Tool will not detect your IT monitoring unit.

The kernel is the hardened Linux OS of your rack monitoring unit. Using the date display, you can see if the installed operating system is up-to-date. Please note that a firmware update via the web interface of the unit does not update the kernel. This is done with the Didactum CPU Tool. You can read how this works in the English-language operating manual, which comes with every Didactum firmware file.

If you do not have a PC or laptop with a Windows OS, please install Windows 10 via Boot Camp or in a virtual machine. You can also install Windows on a USB data stick and then boot from the stick. Just google for the topic "run Windows from a USB flash drive”.

Please check if the jumper on the back of your IP based remote monitoring unit has been switched correctly. Further information can be found in the English manual (included in zip File).

You did not restart your remote measuring and monitoring device after the firmware update. Under "System Menu" you will find the Point "Reboot the system". Please click on it and restart your environmental monitor. Please close your web browser and empty the cache. After a few seconds, you can log in again. The onboard temperature sensor will now display the correct value.

In order to restore your Didactum Environment Monitoring System (connected to the power supply) to the default delivery state, you only need to jumper the DIP switch to the recovery position. All individual settings will be permanently deleted. After 15 seconds, please return the DIP switch to the normal position. The environmental monitoring device is then reachable under the default IP address "". The login is "guest" / "guest". Then you can restore the backup of your configuration. Alternatively, you can "refuel" your Didactum Environmental Monitoring System using the CPU-tool included in the firmware file.

Simply log in to your monitoring device via web browser. Go to the menu item "Overal Stats". The entry "About system" will display you the device type and installed firmware version of your environmental monitor.