Please make sure that the "Allow less secure applications" setting is enabled in your Gmail account settings. You can find the Gmail settings under: My Account => Login & Security => Applications with account access => Allow less secure applications: ON.

Yes, all server room monitoring units from Didactum offer SMTP relay or mail relay server functions.

That is correct. Email notifications and alarms are primarily stored in the system tree of the SNMP monitoring hardware. The settings in the "System settings" => "SMTP" menu are used to easily enter new e-mail parameters. The setting entered there will then be set as default by the system. Please note that the e-mail is sent to the address(es) entered in the properties of the "E-mail" element in the system tree.

Please check the IP address and DNS entries in your monitoring system 50 IP Thermometer. Without a valid IP address and DNS entries, the measurement and monitoring system cannot determine the address of the Google SMTP server ( Contact your network administrator for this.