Relay Switching

The Didactum monitoring systems 500/500 DC / 600 offers the possibility to switch the built-in relays. The Didactum monitoring system 600 provides connections to C13 suitable consumer installation. The Web GUI of the systems is identical.

Relay switching
In the "Main Menu" of the Web interface of the Didactum monitoring systems 500/600 please go to the "Outlets" menu. Here you can see the relays. Here you can configure each relay by a single mouse click on and off.
Relay switching
In the Web GUI of your Didactum monitoring system, you can individually manage each relay. Simply go from the "Main Menu" to the "Group Tree" or "System Tree". Then click on one of the four displayed relay.

Settings of the relay:

 Default name is relay #. A renaming is possible. 
 Here you can set the associated group. 
 Number of the relay 
Hardware Port 
 Port 1 = Relay 1, Relay 2 = Port2 etc. 
Current State 
 Displays the current relay status (on / off) 
Current Value 
 "0" = off / "1" = on 
Initial State 
 Relay state after (re) started monitoring system 
New State 
 impulse control to "pulse" on / off "do not change" 
Pulse Duration 
 specifying the duration when activated Impulssteuerung.
1 sec minimum

Practical example:

The relay 1 is turned off. It must be activated for 60 seconds.

Under the "New State" then "pulse" can be selected. Under "Pulse duration (sec.)" Enter the number "60" for 60 seconds. The relay switches for 60 seconds. Then it switches back to the "Off" status. For pulse control, the relay is always switched to the opposite state!