Installation of equipment

The main units can be installed in the front or rear of the rack. You need to use a 1U 19” inch rack unit.


Connect the unit only after checking the grounding of the circuit.

Do not connect homemade sensors and devices with unknown functions to the unit!

The Didactum monitoring systems 500/ 500 DC / 600 can be installed in 19” inch network or server cabinets. Please note that these units have a height unit (1U) show.

You must install the unit into the environments where the ambient temperature corresponds to the values listed under "Specifications". Keep in mind that the temperature of the unit increases in cramped conditions. Please keep track of the temperature of the internal temperature sensor. Try to install the unit in such a way as to allow for normal air circulation required for the normal functionality of the unit.

Furthermore, applies no support for third party products.

Consider all permissible ambient conditions during installations. The Didactum monitoring systems, expansion modules and sensors maximum permissible ambient temperatures refer to the "Specifications" section.

The Didactum monitoring systems 500/ 500 DC and 600 include a built-in sensor for monitoring the temperature inside the housing. Use this sensor! Ensure that there is sufficient air circulation for the Didactum devices.


When installing the unit in a 19" rack, make sure that there are no uneven mechanical loads, or extra weight so as not to create a dangerous situation. You should not use the unit as a shelf or hang it uncommitted. Select a place for unit’s installation inside the rack. The system takes up 1U of rack space. Set to the desired location and tighten the bolts on the spacer nuts as shown in the diagram below.

Power cable and Network cable connections

Before applying power to the device, read its electrical characteristics in order to avoid the power supply circuit overloading. Do not connect the device to ungrounded outlets! Check the outlet and make sure they are grounded when using the extension cords.