SNMP sensor integration

The LAN-based remote measurement and monitoring devices and the associated environmental, safety and current monitoring sensors support the widespread SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). The analogue and digital sensors connected to the main monitoring unit and to the sensor expansion module can use SNMP to transfer the measured values to data collection tools, DCIM, building and network management software.

Loading the SNMP MIB

The MIB (Management Information Base) required for integration into SNMP compatible software can be downloaded directly from the English speaking the web interface of the remote monitoring unit. It can be found under "Preferences" => "SNMP" => "Download MIB File".

Import the Didactum MIB

Then you have to import the MIB into the SNMP manager you are using. In addition, the correct SNMP community name must be specified for reading and writing. The name of the community in the SNMP manager must necessarily match the name in the Didactum Monitoring System. In the web interface under “Preferences” => “SNMP”, the SNMP community is entered in the fields "Community for read only" and "Community for writing". In your SNMP manager, please enter the correct IP address of the Didactum monitoring system, the port, the SNMP protocol used (SNMv1 / v2c or SNMPv3) and the other required parameters (e.g. password for SNMP version 3). Then you can check the SNMP integration of the Didactum remote monitoring device. 

For example, the structure of the MIB tree in a MIB browser looks like this:

Reading of specific sensor values

If you would like to read a specific sensor value field, you must add the ID of the Didactum sensor to the OID (Object Identifier).


. Measured value of the analogue temperature sensor with the ID 201001
. Discrete input of a dry contact with the ID 101003

These OIDs can be used with the SNMP Manager of the DCIM software or Network Management System (NMS) to query various data out of the IP based remote monitoring device.

Current status 04/2019