Adding An IP Camera To Your SNMP Monitoring Hardware

The smart infrastructure monitoring devices of the manufacturer Didactum are continuously developed. In addition to the connection of USB video cameras , you can also connect an IP camera to your Didactum monitoring system. 

Notes from the technical editor: 

Please note that only the latest generation of Didactum SNMP Monitoring Systems support IP video cameras. For the support of IP cameras, the November 2020 firmware update is mandatory, which customers can request free of charge from Didactum support. Please make sure that your IP camera supports the so-called "JPEG / MJPEG Video Stream compression format". If you use an IP camera, which was not purchased from us or our official distributors and dealers, we would like to ask you to refrain from any support requests. The discontinued SNMP monitoring hardware of the model series 100 I / 100 II / 100 III / 500 I only support USB cameras.

Adding IP-Camera(s)

To add an IP video camera to your Didactum SNMP monitoring unit, please go to the "System tree" menu in the web interface.

Please click on the "+" symbol in the upper right corner and a new window will open. Just select the "IP Camera" element.

The following settings can be made in the web interface:


Description of the setting:


Name of the IP video camera in the Didactum infrastructure monitoring device

URL (IP-adress):

Enter the URL (IP address) of the IP video camera here. Be sure to include http:// or https://.  Example: https://xx.xx.xx.xx/axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi (without quotation marks).

In general, the URL address of the video stream is manufacturer and model dependent. If you have any questions, please contact the manufacturer of your IP camera.

Username & Password

If necessary, enter the username and password for the VIdeostream here. Do not use the username and password as prefix in the URL field (IP address)!

Recommended FPS

Enter here the frame rate for generating the IP camera's video stream. If you need technical information, just have a look at the manual of your IP camera.


If the IP camera is in your internal IP network and no external access is allowed, you can use a proxy to access the video stream. Keep in mind that only one proxy camera is supported.


Video stream from the IP camera. If the IP camera is located in another subnet, the image may not be available without a proxy. If no video image is displayed, please check the hardware settings of your IP camera. To test it, simply enter the URL of your IP camera in the address line of your web browser.

Proxy URL

If a proxy is used, the address for direct access to the video stream of the IP camera is shown here


Editor's note: 

To permanently save the IP camera settings made in your SNMP remote monitoring & control system, please make sure to click on the diskette symbol (top right). If the proxy of your IP video security camera is incorrect, the system may crash. In this case, the system is restarted in so-called “Safe Mode”. Check the log file to find the corresponding notification.

Settings of IP camera

To display the video stream from your IP camera, just go to the "Camera" menu in the web interface of your remote monitoring & control system. This menu entry was developed especially for video surveillance.

In the "Camera" menu no settings can be made on the IP camera. To make changes to the settings of your IP Camera, just go to the entry "System Tree" => “IP Cameras”.

Then simply select the desired IP camera. With a mouse click you can then make the desired settings.