Dashboard of SNMP Monitoring Hardware

From the November 2020 firmware release, the SNMP monitoring hardware from manufacturer Didactum offers a dashboard function, also called instrument panel. This dashboard can be customized and displays the most important information in an easy to understand visual form. The view of the Didactum Dashboard depends on the sensor (analog / discrete).

Note from the technical editor: The SNMP monitoring units that have been discontinued, such as the Monitoring System 500 (1st gen.) or Monitoring System 100 (1st 2nd gen.), do not support the new Didactum Dashboard. If necessary, you can switch to the latest SNMP monitoring hardware from manufacturer Didactum at special rates. Simply contact our sales team.

Configuration of individual display elements

When you first install your SNMP enabled monitoring hardware, the dashboard/instrument panel is empty. Simply go to the "Dashboard" menu and then click the "+" icon in the upper right corner. The "Add Element" menu opens. Then simply select the desired element of your SNMP monitoring hardware. If desired, you can add additional elements to the respective instrument panel. Then name the desired panel and click "ok".

Instrument view of the analog SNMP sensors

The analog SNMP sensors be displayed in the Didactum-Dashboard as a speedometer or as a diagram. If the measurement data of several SNMP sensors is to be displayes, understandably only the diagram view is offered.

Discrete sensors and elements of SNMP monitoring hardware

Dry contact inputs, switches, relays, timers and other elements that display discrete values, can be displayed by the Didactum Dashboard as a diagram or as a state. When configuring the state view, aliases can be stored for the element states, which are then displayed on the Didactum Dashboard.