Installation 19" Rack Mount Kit

For the Didactum 100 and 100 DC IP-based monitoring devices, an optional 19-inch rack mount kit is available. Together with the rack mount kit, the monitoring device occupies only one height unit (1U) in the 19-inch network or server cabinet. A cross-head screwdriver is required for installation.

Please use only the 4 original screws supplied with this 19 inch rack mount Kit. Align the center holes of the 19” rack mount kit with the mounting holes in the center of the monitoring unit. Then carefully screw the 4 original screws to the unit. Then you can install the monitoring device including the rack mount kit in a 19 inch server rack.

Note from the editor: 

Further details on the installation of 19-inch devices in a server cabinet can be found in the operating instructions of your rack manufacturer.