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Monitoring Hardware - Didactum`s knowledge base

In this knowledge base you will find the latest information about Didactum`s remote IT monitoring solutions.

Intensify your knowledge about SNMP enabled monitoring appliances and PDU`s from Didactum.

About Didactum

With Didactum`s proven remote monitoring solutions, you can significantly increase the security of your mission critical infrastructure. Didactum`s remote monitoring systems operate stand-alone. Thanks to fully supporting SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3, these remote monitoring systems can be easily integrated into leading SNMP tools and NMS such as Cactci, HP OpenView, Icinga, MRTG, Nagios and OpenNMS.

Each Didactum remote monitoring system can be equipped with individual selectable SNMP based sensors. Protect e.g. your business critical server room with precise temperature, humidity and water sensors. Even the dry contacts of important systems such as HVAC, UPS, and diesel generators can be easily integrated into the 7/24 monitoring of Didactum`s remote security devices.

The measured sensor data is stored in the integrated data logger. With a few simple mouse clicks you can easily export this data for e.g. temperature reports or verification purposes. Critical events in your infrastructure are reliably reported by network enabled Didactum monitoring devices via SNMP, e-Mail or SMS (GSM modem required).

Ethernet based monitoring monitoring hardware from Didactum

The E.U made remote monitoring systems from Didactum offer among other features a simple to setup and use network based monitoring solution which provides non-stop monitoring of many environmental factors via your web browser.

Any installation of software on a PC or server is not required because the remote monitoring appliances from Didactum work independently with their own built in IP based web interface. The remote monitoring appliances from Didactum have also been subjected to a factory calibration so that each of the Ethernet-based sensor recordings can be started immediately.

Quick and easy setup of Didactum monitoring systems

Per the Didactum monitoring appliances plug-and-play feature all of Didactum`s SNMP-based sensors will be auto detected  when plugged into any of the sensor ports of the Didactum controller. Didactum´s sensors are then automatically displayed in web interface for easy configuration of each sensors thresholds and alerts.

You can even create group of sensors for quick configuration. All SNMP-compatible sensors that can be connected to Didactum monitoring appliance can be extended using cheap RJ-11 cable. This provides flexibility for installing the sensors in your required monitored infrastructure.

After the Didactum monitoring controller is connected to a network switch or network hub, you can easily access via web browser for easy configuration. Each sensor connected to Didactum controller can be configured individually from within the controllers HTLM5-based multi-lingual web interface. 

You can easily set up your own sensor thresholds as required. The integrated logic scheme supports easy set up of comprehensive alert notifications. All events are stored in integrated syslog.

Core mission of Didactum® Security GmbH

The core mission statement of GROUP-Didactum® Didactum Security GmbH represents the support of our customers in the planning and implementation of proactive, highly critical data communications and security systems that play a key role in our customer’s success.    

Our Core Mission:

  • Our core competencies of Didactum® are focused on providing highly reliable and cost effective network monitoring solutions, environmental protection, safety and the most current, up to date monitoring systems for business-critical infrastructures. This would include the latest technology in server rooms and data center environments.
  • To further increase and enhance the security of sensitive infrastructures with the offer of the latest, most up to date Didactum® IT monitoring technology.
  • Our proven product portfolio Didactum® is selected on the basis of strict criteria such as technology leadership, reliability and investment protection (ROI).
  • We offer the Didactum® Didactum brand monitoring systems that are highly dependable and cost effective to companies and the public sector (OEA). They can then rely on an extremely effective protection system that is proactive and guards against a variety of risks.
  • As an Authorized Reseller Partner of the OpenNMS Group, Didactum Security GmbH offers the entire service and range provided by the popular features included in the OpenNMS software program.
  • Didactum® Security GmbH consistently focuses on using the latest technologies available which increases the availability of new and dependable products and thus greatly benefits and sustains the competitiveness of our customers.
  • Didactum®’s customer listing includes many companies and public clients of all sizes. We would be happy to provide any of these well-known references upon request.
  • Didactum® always welcomes resellers, integrators and distributors to become new official Didactum distributors under us.