Overview of elements of SNMP enabled monitoring devices from Didactum

Didactum`s remote monitoring appliances may include following elements:

  • Analog Sensors
  • Discrete Sensors
  • Virtual Sensors
  • Notifications
  • Units

Available elements of the monitoring system are liste in ctlAllElementsTable To view these elements just use command:
$ snmptable -Ci -Cb -v2c -cread DIDACTUM-SYSTEM-MIB::ctlAllElementsTable

You can change the name of the elements.
For example your can give element with ID=21 a new name.

$ snmpset -v2c -cwrite DIDACTUM-SYSTEM-MIB::ctlAllElementName.21 s „Smoke sensor"
DIDACTUM-SYSTEM-MIB::ctlAllElementName.21 = STRING: „Smoke sensor"