Relay of Didactum remote monitoring systems:

Some models of Didactum remote monitoring devices are equipped with integrated relays / outlet.

These relays (outlets) can have following states:

  • „on“ - the relay / outlet is switched on
  • „off“ - the relay / outlet is switched off
  • „pulse“ - the relay is in pulse status

The initial state is of relay is shown in the field ctlOutletInitial. Management of the state is recorded in the field ctlOutletValue. The pulse length in seconds is shown in the field ctlOutletPulse.

The port number of each relay is indicated in field ctlOutletHardwarePort.

To check the available relays / outlets of your Didactum Monitoring System just use

snmptable -Ci -Cb -v2c -cread DIDACTUM-SYSTEM-MIB::ctlOutletsTable

SNMP table: DIDACTUM-SYSTEM-MIB::ctlOutletsTable

To send a pulse with 5 seconds duration on relay / output with Element ID=31 just use:

1 $ snmpset -v2c -cwrite DIDACTUM-SYSTEM-MIB::ctlOutletPulse.0 i 5 \

2 DIDACTUM-SYSTEM-MIB::ctlOutletValue.0 s "pulse"


4 DIDACTUM-SYSTEM-MIB::ctlOutletPulse.0 = INTEGER: 5

5 DIDACTUM-SYSTEM-MIB::ctlOutletValue.0 = STRING: "pulse"