IP-based Outdoor Temp Sensor

The IP-capable outdoor temperature sensor is used for round-the-clock measurements of the important environmental factor temperature. This weatherproof exterior sensor is compatible with all networked remote monitoring and control devices from manufacturer Didactum.

How individual thresholds and warning values are set in terms of temperature monitoring, is shown in this Quick Install Guide.

Connection of IP outdoor sensor
Just plug the IP-based outside temp sensor into a free RJ11 sensor port of your networked remote monitoring unit. The sensor is detected immediately and displayed in the multilingual web interface.

Installation instructions Outdoor temperature sensor

Please do not expose the outdoor temperature sensor to direct sunlight. This could falsify measurement data in the case of outside temperature monitoring. When installing the outdoor temperature sensor on the exterior wall of the building, make sure that there is no ventilation shaft behind the wall.

A direct fastening of the sensor outside temperature right next to a window is not optimal. If the window is opened in winter, this can falsify the measured data. The outdoor temperature sensor should be installed at least 150 cm above ground level. Ground frost / rising cold has an influence on the results of the outdoor temperature measurement.

If necessary, a cable protector should be installed when the sensor is installed outside the ground. This IP-capable outdoor temperature sensor should ideally be mounted to the external wall of the server room / data center. Normally the external parts of ??the air conditioning system of the server room is also located there.

Please ensure that the sensor is not exposed to the direct sun. Otherwise, please select another installation location.

Extension of the outdoor temp sensor

The outdoor sensor is delivered with a 15 meter long RJ-11 patch cable. If desired, you can extend this sensor with a dedicated patch cable to a maximum of 100 meters.

The cable assignment of the intelligent sensors from manufacturer Didactum can be found here. If you want to extend the outdoor temperature sensor, please  use a water-resistant shrink tube.